Outside of making promos and short films for organisations, brands, and charities, the members of ernest like to flex their creative muscles on a range of alternative projects. 


Ernest founder James Nee - together with regular Ernest collaborator Christian Britten under guise of Think Nice Films -  made a short documentary based on the New York Times Best Seller "On Bullshit" by American philosopher Harry Frankfurt.

Although first conceived as an essay over 30 years ago, Harry's theory on bullshit is more relevant than ever before. BULLSHIT! aims to further our understanding of what bullshit is, why there's so much of it, and how it can be a greater enemy to the truth than lies. 

The film was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick and has been viewed over 200,000 times online.

Save Womanby Street

Womanby Street in Cardiff is home to its independent live music scene, but like so many historic venues in cities around the world, it's future is under threat due to the increase of residential development.

Ernest collaborated with the Save Womanby Street campaign to create a short film about why Womanby Street, and live music, is so important to Cardiff.

Wrath of God

Written and directed by David Newton, Wrath of God is a short horror film edited by Ernest's Rodrigo Sanchez who created the graphics, visual effects, title design, and did all the compositing for the film, which included wire removal, rotoscoping, motion tracking, and composing of the visual effects.

The film tells the story of how 350 years ago a man known as the Hand Of God used his power to hold back the forces of darkness. Now, as darkness awakens once again, this power is passed to a young girl, Rachel. Faced with a seemingly insurmountable enemy, can she master this new found power and defeat darkness once and for all?

The film has played at numerous festivals around the world with Rodrigo's VFX work being nominated for several awards.